My Journey with Road Thrill till now – 18 Rides and Meets – Countless Memories

This blog explains My Journey with Road Thrill and its Memories

“It’s been over a year and a half and 18 events (rides + meetups) with Road Thrill and I am sharing my experiences with the group”

I came to know about Road Thrill through Facebook but initially couldn’t attend any of their rides even though I received many ride invites into my mailbox.

My first ever event with Road Thrill was the Blood Donation Camp, which was conducted in May’2016. Arun Bhai provided me with full event details and guided me to the Blood Donation venue.

My 1st ride with Road Thrill was World Motorcycle Day’2016.  The ride was to Penukonda Fort in Andhra Pradesh.  Many rides were being scheduled in Bangalore on account of World Motorcycle Day.  But what attracted me to Road Thrill’s event? The main reason being the place Penukonda Fort.  I always loved to explore different places and had never been to Penukonda before, so I decided to join them.

Vijayanth Bhai briefed about the group riding etiquettes that were being followed.  It was a ride where everyone strictly followed all the instructions and in proper riding formation and with proper ride signals.  KC bhai’s marshaling was just amazing.  We got to know about the fellow riders over the brief introduction session we had at the lakeside.

Nobody overtook the lead nor did anybody lag behind the tail. That was a well-organized ride to Penukonda.

RT World Motorcycle Day 2016Enroute to Penukonda during World Motorcycle Day – 2016

The next was the Dinner ride to Rangrez Restaurant at Ram Nagar on the Bangalore – Mysore Highway.

A video where a group of bikers danced while meeting their fellow bikers made rolls on Social Media.  Post a delicious dinner; we did the Harlem shake, where all the bikers enjoyed dancing with fellow bikers.

We had Usman Bhai who rode all the way long from Dharmapuri to Bangalore only to join Road Thrill for the dinner ride.

RT Dinner Ride to Rangrez RestaurantGroup-pic at Dinner Ride – Rangrez Restaurant

Then came the big event: Republic Day Ride’2017 to Lepakshi.

The invitation was spread to many other biking groups based in Bangalore and making the count of 200+ bikers riding together to celebrate the joy of Democracy.

Bikers came with the Tricolors flying high on their bikes. I always wanted to ride with the Tricolor on my bike which happened in this ride.

It’s never easy to manage 200 bikes on road riding together to a destination, but the marshals managed very swiftly.

Republic Day Ride 2017Group Pic with riders from all the biking group during Republic Day Ride – 2017

Post-Republic Day Ride, we had a breakfast meet up which was followed by a ride to Thimmappana Swami Betta.

RT at Thimmappana BettaPic from Just Ride to Thimmappana Betta

Not everybody can make to every ride due to some other personal commitments.  This is why we have regular Breakfast meetups in the city limits where we get to know the new members, planning of the next upcoming rides, sharing of individual travel memoirs, badge distribution and lots more.

It’s not just a breakfast meet; it’s a meet where members build a friendly network within RT Family.

It was back in Feb when I met JP Bhai during Leh Ladakh planning.  That’s when he asked me Are you into blogging? Try Blogging, it’s Fun!! And, the same time one of my cousins said you keep traveling to so many places, you should share your travel stories, not everyone can just hit the roads and explore as you do, your travel articles should share all relevant information to your readers.

That’s when I started blogging my travel stories.

The best thing in Road Thrill is that ride events are named something creative.  The road trip to Kolar was named “Temple Run”

RT at Temple Run Ride at Kolar AdigasRT team at Kolar Adigas during Temple Run Ride

Soon came the Dinner ride to truckers Dhaba near Tumkur in March’17 where 50 bikes made for the trip.  Yes, the number was actually 50.

My friend Shreyas joined the ride too.  Shrey and I used to discuss only bikes back those days in school and used to ride together during college days and we rode together after a long span of time. Thank you team Road Thrill for cherishing my old memories.

Soul Warrior and The Reaper“Soul Warrior” and “The Reaper” at Dinner Ride to Truckers Dhaba

After I was back from my Ride of 3 States in mid of April, and then I was named as #RTPathfinder.

Thank you JP Bhai for the name credits.

My very first 2 days ride with Road Thrill was the ride to Dandeli.  It was meet up ride for RT Bengaluru and RT Pune.  As stated earlier all Road Thrill events are named creatively, this time it was #RTCrossroads.

I was excited to ride to Dandeli, as the place is my birthplace. It was yet another memorable ride where not only bikers, we had 2 pets that came along with us and me being a pet lover, I was overjoyed.

We had a good time spent at the jungle resort which was followed by Kayaking in the River Kali.

The dinner alongside the Bon Fire and listening to the music played by Soloman Bhai on his guitar was just amazing.

RT Team during Cross RoadsTeam RT during Crossroads (returning back from Dandeli to Bangalore)

The best part of Road Thrill members is the togetherness and the unity everyone shows to fellow members.

If we have enjoyed together as a group, it’s everyone’s responsibility to support the fellow members while in a problem. While coming back from Dandeli, when Gaurav Bhai’s car has been hit from behind by an overloaded cab, we stood alongside the highway amidst the rains until it was wrapped up.  The next following day was a Monday, everybody had their offices and other professional commitments, but nobody left the group behind.  The spirit of Biking Brotherhood is always held high.

Then came my DreamRide to Leh – Ladakh. Though I personally could not make it to Leh, and my team went ahead with the journey. A proud moment when my team sent me the pic from KhardungLa – The World’s Highest Motorable Road.

RTBengaluru Team at KhardungLaMy Leh Team at KhardungLa – The World’s Highest Motorable Road

I was happy to see my team reaching the highest peak with the Tricolor and Road Thrill Flag.

Many thanks to Harsh Bhai and Varun Bhai from our Delhi and Hyderabad chapters for all the help in Delhi on my way back from my Leh Journey.

It was for the Independence Day Ride – 2017 where the ride was in the fond memory of Surbhit Kant Dixit who passed away in a road accident during his 50th Ladakh Circuit.  All of our chapters were riding with the same cause. May Surbhit Bhai’s Soul Rest In Peace.

We (Anirban Bhai, Lohit Bhai and I) tried hard to brave the floods, but our bikes didn’t support.  Our bikes were hydro-locked.  We parked our bikes at Lohit Bhai’s place and I rushed home.  Meanwhile, Anirban Bhai and Lohit Bhai towed my bike to the nearest mechanic.  Thank you Anirban Bhai and Lohith Bhai.

Road Thrill is not only a group; we have all become a family.  All the members are from diverse culture and religion, but never we have discussed or argued on the basis of religion, politics, culture, caste.  The only things we discussed amongst the members is Bikes and the discussion about the crazy travel stories they have had.

When JP bhai during a ride, explained how Road Thrill started.  He said it’s not the bike we ride, it’s the passionate biker behind.  Though a majority of the bikes are the thumping Royal Enfields, I have never seen any member disrespecting a non Royal Enfield biker.  Everyone’s opinions are respected.  Everyone’s respected as a Biker.

No member in Road Thrill family has ever compromised on safety.  ATGATT (All The Gears All The Time) is always been followed.

I have personally seen the family growing; Bangalore was the 1st chapter which was then followed by Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Shivamogga and Mumbai being the latest edition.

That was a fantastic time with Road Thrill till now.  Currently, I am a member of the #RTCrew and #RTBlogging Team, Thanks a lot to entire #RTfamily for all the support and love.

Kindly visit our website for more information.

You all are welcome to be a part of Road Thrill family, kindly please sign up on our Facebook Page.


Gokool Kini
(Soul Warrior / RT Pathfinder)


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The Dream Ride Leh: So near, yet so Far

“This is my story to Leh and how people helped me throughout the journey”

Dates: 8 – 23 July 2017
Mode of Journey Planned: Bangalore to Delhi by flight, Delhi to Chandigarh by train and ride from Chandigarh.
Plan: Leh – Ladakh Circuit (Chandigarh – Manali – Leh – Srinagar – Chandigarh)
No. of People: 9
Bikes: TVS Apache 160 and 180, Hero Karizma, RE Thunderbird500, RE Thunderbird350,  2 of RE Desert Storm, Honda CBR150 and Suzuki Gixxer.
Total Distance Planned: 2650Kms
Route Planned:

Leh – Ladakh, an adventurous trip that all biker’s dream, I grew up watching those Himalayan rallies which telecasted back those days on TV.  It was my dream too.

It was in the month December 2016 when Rajesh and Phani agreed for the Dream Ride, followed by Satish Bhai, Karthik, Deb Bhai, Gowda, Harish Bhai and Karthik Vadhri (K2), all from Road Thrill.

We got our flight tickets booked as par with the train schedule to cargo our bikes to Chandigarh.

Planning the itinerary was a challenge.  Rajesh and I spent a hell lot of time getting the itinerary in place.  Many of my friends from Road Thrill, Gixxer Club Bengaluru, and a few others helped me a lot for the itinerary.

It started as a crazy impractical plan and post discussing with few experienced people, we came with the final itinerary.

The initial plan was to enter via Srinagar and exit via Manali, but finally, we did the other way round that was entering via Manali and exit via Srinagar.

Every one of us got busy with all the shopping for bike accessories, riding gears, action cameras, and the list went long.

Decathlon, Lets Gear Up, Orion Motors, NH4 showroom, JC Road became our new meet-up hubs.   The bond of biking brotherhood between the team grew quickly and pulling each other’s legs on WhatsApp group or during our meetups.  Every one of us was literally waiting for the big day.

After enquiring about the various cargo options to ship our bikes to Chandigarh, we finalized with the Indian Railways as that was the cheapest and the quickest mode available.

Meanwhile, I was working parallel on the Inner Line Permits.  Thanks a lot, DK Pandit Sir from the forum “Ladakh Returns” on FB, got a lead for Inner Line Permits, his name was Rigzin Angdu (Rigzin Bhai).  I quickly got in touch with him and provided all our necessary details that required in obtaining the Permits.  Rigzin Bhai got us Inner Line permits well in advance and had it couriered to me.  Thanks a lot, Rigzin Bhai.

Satish Bhai took care of Beyond Rohtang Permits and we all had the necessary permits that required for the Leh – Ladakh trip even before we all departed from Bangalore.

We dropped our bikes in Yeshvantpur railways station on 04th of July 2017, a day in advance from the train’s departure.  This train, Samparkranti Express departs every Wednesday from Bangalore and reaches Chandigarh on Friday.

Many thanks to Phani, who got the railway cargo in place.

Bikes at Yesvantpur Railway StationOur bikes packed and ready be shipped to Chandigarh

I rented a moped from Royal Brothers Bike Rentals for my convenience to commute in Bangalore. Rajesh and I were riding through Old Madras road, I lost my phone, as it fell from the jacket pocket.  I lost my phone 2 days prior to our departure.

I arranged for a basic phone until I took a new phone. But, the next day I got a call, he said he got my phone near to RMZ Infinity on Old Madras road and asked me to come to Indira Nagar and collect it from him.

As I reached Indira Nagar and got ourselves introduced, his name was Ashwath Bhat.

Ashwath: Let me show you the phone!

Me: Once I saw my phone, its display was totally shattered as the phone had fallen on the road; I asked how you found my contact from this broken phone?

He called the Jio customer care number, told them about the lost and found a phone, told them the sim number and obtained my alternate contact number from them and called me stating he found my phone.

I was stunned by his efforts to contact me and hand over my phone to me.

However, I had to buy a new smartphone before I depart to Leh.

All our packing was done a day advance.  As the day of our departure arrived, the excitement was like the adrenaline mad rush pumping through our blood.

The adventure was all about to begin . . . . .

Day 0: July 07, 2017 (Friday)

We were eagerly waiting to check-in to Bengaluru International Airport and board our flight to Delhi. None of us had the mood at our workplaces. The mountains and those terrains were the only things being visualized in our minds.

We all decided to reach the airport by 6.00pm but due to heavy rains that poured that evening, we all made to the airport by 7.30pm.

Our flights were at different departure times. Karthik and K2 had their flights at 9 pm and the rest of the pack had our flights at 10 pm.

As Satish Bhai works in the Indian Army and was posted Chandigarh and he would join us at Bilaspur as he was busy with training.

We all went through the Airport security checks, baggage were also checked-in.  Apart from both the Karthik’s, our flight was delayed by an hour.

Pic at the AirportAt Bengaluru International Airport Terminal

Day 1: July 08, 2017 (Saturday)

Karthik and K2 were waiting for us at Delhi.  As soon as the rest of us landed at Delhi Airport, we quickly booked a cab to Old Delhi Railway Station.

We had our train tickets booked to Chandigarh which had to depart from Delhi at 4.25am, but the train was running 1.5 hours behind schedule.

at Delhi Railway StationWaiting for the train at Old Delhi Railway Station

We all eagerly waited for the train to arrive.  We boarded the train post its arrival at 6.00am and decided to take a nap for 4-5 hours until we reached Chandigarh.  It was 11.00am when we reached Chandigarh.

at Chandigarh Railway StationAt Chandigarh Railway Station

We hired a porter to carry our baggage.  Now, the first question everyone had where is our bikes?

PorterPorter carting all our baggage

Post enquiring in the Railways Parcel office, we got to know where our bikes were parked.  Every bike that was packed, we checked on the number plates to identify it.  Finally, we sighted our bikes, the adrenaline pumped up as we all started unpacking our bikes.  But we had few setbacks.  Our bikes were damaged in transit.

K2 had his bike’s number plate detached, few dents on Harish Bhai’s “Toruk Moktu” (this is what Harish bhai has named his bike) and the front brake lever was broken on Phani’s “Beast”.

Satish Bhai had booked Army Guest house in Panchakula so that we could freshen up there and also had an Army Jawan, Gursatinder Bhai to help us in Chandigarh and was with us for the entire day.  Post refueling our bikes, Gursatinder Bhai, Deb bhai, Rajesh and Gowda went to the Army guest house with all our baggage, while Harish Bhai, Phani, Karthik, K2 and I went to the nearby mechanic to get our bikes fixed.

Harish Bhai and K2 got Ladakh carriers fixed to their bikes and all of us got flag rods mounted and rode till Panchkula, Army Guest House.

We all freshened up and geared up. ATGATT is what we follow during our rides, “All The Gears All The Time”

The entire luggage was mounted on our respective bikes, greeting thanks to Gursatinder Bhai, we all kick-started the dream ride.

Thanks a lot, Satish Bhai and Gursatinder bhai for helping us at Chandigarh and Panchkula Guest House.

As we started late evening, we rode till Roopnagar and halted for a night’s stay at Hotel Silver Oak.  The next day’s journey planning was being done over dinner.

RoopnagarOur bikes as seen from the hotel balcony

Day 2: July 09, 2017 (Sunday)

We all were ready by 6am and gathered for the ride briefing session and started our journey for the day.

Briefing Session at RoopnagarRide Brief at Roopnagar


roopngrBefore the start from Roopnagar

Riding for a few kilometres and we stopped over for breakfast at Saini Tourist Dhaba at the highway side.  Post having some tasty aloo parathas, we continued our journey to Manali.

At around 11am we reached Bilaspur where Satish Bhai joined us and that completed our pack of 9 riders.

Just before the bridge across the Sutlej river enroute Mandi, I was hit with sunstroke. The extreme sunny temperature made me feel exhausted and that’s when I told Deb Bhai, “Bhai gaadi rukha de, warna mai tokh dunga kahi pe, I need some juice or glucose” (Bhai let’s stop for a juice, I am exhausted and would bang somewhere if I don’t stop over).

Gowda, Deb Bhai and I stopped over at a road side sugar cane juice shop. Everybody thought I was hit with AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).  But I was sure that was not AMS.

After SunstrokeHa ha ha…. The crazy me !!!

We then rode till Mandi and stopped over for lunch at Hotel Shingar. Post a delicious lunch we started our journey to Manali.

As we crossed the Pagodah Dam, The first tunnel came our way was “Aut Tunnel”.  It was a nice experience riding through the 2nd longest tunnel in India with a length of 3kms.  The only sound you can hear is the echoed sound of bike exhausts, especially the Dug Dug Dug Dug Dug sound of the Royal Enfields.

Riding along the river Beas that flowed parallel along the highway and pine trees over those mountains was a blissful view.

As we stopped over for tea, the first thing everyone uttered “Bhailog, Riding through Aut Tunnel was a superb experience”

We stopped at Manali check-post to obtain the Green Tax which costs Rs100/- per bike and once we reached Manali, Rigzin Bhai assisted us to the home stay.

Phani and I quickly got dinner parceled for all us from a nearby hotel and post dinner we all crashed into the beds.

This ended our day 2, riding for 16 hours covering 280kms amidst heavy vehicular movement.

Day 3: July 10, 2017 (Monday)

This was the day where we start riding over those passes.  Rohtang was the first pass that we had to conquer.  We all wanted to capture every moment of this journey; our cameras were fully charged and mounted on the bike’s handle bar and helmets.  Bidding farewell to Rigzin bhai and refueling our bike full tank, we started on Manali – Leh Highway.

with rigzin bhaiA small token of appreciation from Team Road Thrill: Rigzin Bhai with RT t-shirt

The first pass that we came across was Rohtang Pass.  The peek fulfilled the promise of the view; it was an impressive sight, the shadow of the mountains that reached deep into the land. Riding uphill was a beautiful journey.

Somewhere in the middle of Rohtang, Phani’s “Beast” was down with some ignition problem.  Harish Bhai and I were signaling the traffic from either of the sides to slow down, while Deb bhai and K2 assisted Phani while he fixed his bike.

Phani fixing his bikePhani replacing his bike’s ignition fuse

A quick stop over at Rani Nallah, where we could actually touch snow.  That was the first time I ever saw snow in my life.

snow at Rani NalahMe holding snow for the first time in my life


Groupfie at Rani NallahGroupfie at Rani Nallah


Father of Manali - Leh HighwayLEST WE FORGET – Father of Manali – Leh Highway

Soon we reached Rohtang Peak and gathered near the Rohtang Pillar.

Rohtang PassThe only Pass I could ride during my Leh Journey: Rohtang Pass


Rohtang1Karthik, Harish Bhai, Satish Bhai, Phani, K2, Deb Bhai, Me, Rajesh, Gowda at Rohtang Pass

The next stretch of the roads from Rohtang to Koksar village was complete off-roader with few water stream crossing.

Water Stream Crossing before KhoksarThe water stream crossing before Khoksar

At Koksar Checkpost, we showed our Beyond Rohtang Permits to the security personnel and stopped over for lunch.  The only food available was Maggie and Omlette.

The landscape around Koksar bridge was beautiful.

KhoksarNature’s Bliss – Khoksar Bridge


KhoksaarKhoksar Bridge


WarriorMy Lone “Warrior” at Khoksar Bridge

The river Chenab flowed parallel to the roads enroute to Sissu.  Khoksar to Sissu had proper tarmacked roads with few of water crossings.  I was fully enthralled riding at the dawn time watching those snow topped mountains.

SissuAll set to cross the water crossing at Sissu

After some more stretch off-roading, we reached Tandi.  This was the last petrol pump on Leh – Manali Highway, The next petrol station was available after 365kms and we got our bike petrol tank full and stocked enough petrol in jerry cans that was required for the journey ahead.

ThandiTandi Petrol Pump


Tandi1Next Filling Station: 365 kms ahead

K2 sensed some problems with his bike’s clutch and gear shifting and we stopped at a Royal Enfield Service point while Rajesh wanted to top up his bike’s disk brake fluid.

While K2 and Rajesh got their bikes checked, the rest of us rode till Keylong and started looking for a hotel for a night’s stay.

We all checked into HPTDC Hotel and finished our dinner.  Phani and I were interacting with few of the senior citizens and they recited the history of Keylong, as to how tourism in this small town grew from years ago with so many travelers passing by through this town.

We quickly planned for the next day’s journey and crashed to bed.
Day 4: July 11, 2017 (Tuesday)

“The most memorable time from my journey”

I called home early morning to inform my parents that the next 2 days I won’t be under mobile coverage and assured them we all would be fine.

Karthik was fixing his bike’s tire puncture while we all got geared up.  Our next destination to halt for the day was Sarchu or Tso Moriri if we could ride till that further.

At Jispa we saw a huge group of Royal Enfield riding to Ladakh.  It was their Himalayan Odyssey to Ladakh.

Somewhere near a village called Patsio, we had crazy water crossing and was a challenge to all the bikers.

water crossing at PatsioBikers waiting to cross the water stream at Patsio

Every biker was to be assisted to cross this stream.  It wasn’t easy to just cross the stream, bikers were to be pushed or pulled to cross this. Phani and I stepped into the water to help few fellow bikers and we were also helped by the fellow bikers to cross over.

As all of the bikers crossed this stream, a local said there is yet another stream crossing just a couple of kilometers away, but as we reached there, it was not just a water crossing, it was a landslide.

LandslideLandslide near Patsio village

We along with 350+ bikes were stuck there.  The Indian Army and Borders Road Organization were always to the rescue. The JCB drivers were trying their best to make a way through the landslide.

The bikers grounded on the mountain side watching as the Army personnel worked to clear the landslide.  We didn’t know how much time it would take to clear.

Amidst this, the Army announced that there was an emergency as one of a biker had to be taken to the nearest hospital and ordered all the bikers to make way so that the patient’s car could pass through.

Many of the bikers volunteered to assist in clearing the way here.  Phani and I volunteered too.  Within minutes all the traffic was cleared on one side, so that the vehicle could move through the traffic.  But it wasn’t as easy.  A small bridge was collapsed due to landslide and the vehicle being stuck on the other side of the bridge.

The Spirit of Biking Brotherhood was always held high.  The Army somehow managed to pass on the stretcher across the bridge and was handed over to the bikers and each and every one of the bikers lent their shoulders in carrying the patient till the nearest SUV.

As someone righteously said, “No biker will ever leave a fellow biker stranded in problems; it’s a default promise made by every biker”

waiting for landslideWaiting as the landslide being cleared

After being stranded for 8 hours in the landslide area, it was finally cleared.  A commendable job done by the Indian Army.

As we rode amidst the chaotic traffic and crossed the water crossing, the clutch plates of Harish Bhai’s and K2’s bikes were burnt.

We had extra clutch cables but not the clutch plates.  Satish Bhai, Rajesh and Gowda moved ahead in the traffic.

We asked each and every Royal Enfield bikers if they had spare clutch plates, but none had them.  A Delhi based riding group had 1 set of clutch plates and had a mechanic along with them.  We convinced the group head and he told their mechanic to replace the clutch plates of Harish Bhai’s bike.  Once Harish Bhai’s bike got fixed, we sent Harish Bhai ahead to reach out to other 3 and convey the message of our bike breakdown.  K2’s bike was still needs to be fixed.

We couldn’t arrange for another set of clutch plates, we literally stopped each and every Bulletier asking for extra clutch plates, but none had.

All other groups moved ahead, we were stuck in the middle of nowhere and completely out of cellular coverage.  Phani and I decided to ride back to Jispa in search of Royal Enfield Service Station while K2, Karthik and Deb Bhai waited there.

We both rode back again through that crazy water crossing, we had no one to help us this time to cross this stream.  We somehow dodged through the stream and reached Jispa which took us more than an hour to reach the service station.

The mechanics agreed to come along with us and fix our bikes as soon they finish off with the bikes they had in their garage.

In the meantime, we parceled some chapathi and dal for us.  As we waited in hunger the whole day long without food and water.

phaniPhani playing with the hotelier’s kid while the food was being parceled

powernapPhani and I taking a power nap at RE Service Station – Jispa

We got some plastic bags in the garage.  Those bags were of bike spare parts.  It was a “jugaad” idea of wearing those plastics as a substitute to socks, we had no option here as we knew the water will be colder during late evenings.


RE stationSocks ka jugaad, using RE spare part plastic bag as socks

I handed over my bike to Ajay bhai and Santosh bhai (mechanics from Royal Enfield) and I hopped as pillion with Phani.

As we crossed a small place Darcha, I realized that my riding gloves were fallen somewhere while I sat as pillion.

Phani rode back alone for a few kilometers and came back with my riding gloves.

Untill we reached the crazy water crossing, it was complete dark.  A local tempo came there and we asked the mechanics to get into the vehicle and reach our boys and start repairing K2’s bike.

It was again only we both to dodge the water stream.  The water levels was high now, we both pushed each of our bikes one at a time to cross it over.  As I parked my bike and came back to help Phani walk through the stream, he lost balance and fell in the water, I held his hand and pulled him out of the stream and then rode till we reached the place where the rest of us were waiting for us.

karthik n debKarthik and Deb resting at the bike breakdown place, pic taken by K2

Until we reached, the mechanics had already started to work on K2’s bike.

repairThe mechanics repairing K2’s bike under mobile torchlight.

Meanwhile, we were discussing on where to halt for the night, all the 5 of us riding back to Jispa was dangerous riding through those water crossing all over again.  But by then, Karthik informed us that Deb bhai had already gone in search of tents towards Zing Zing.

But the mechanics had to go back to Jispa. After a while, we stopped a Tata Sumo that was traveling towards Jispa and requested them to drop the mechanics back.  They said: “Bhai tum chinta math karo, aapka bike theek hone tak hum log aapke saath rahenge, chahe jitna be waqt ho jaaye” (Bhai you guys don’t worry, we will wait along with you until your bike is being repaired, no matter how much ever time it would take).  Their words put me in tears. We badly wanted help as we were stuck amidst the mountains and the locals kept their words and accompanied us in that bare minimal temperature.

As the conversations we had with the mechanics, we found out that it was one of the mechanic Santosh Bhai’s birthday, and he said, bhai mera birthday hai aaj aur maine apne ghar waalon ke saath baat bhi nahi kiya, phone network nahi tha (It’s my birthday today and I haven’t spoken at home as there was some phone network issues).

Meanwhile, Deb bhai was back after arranging for tents in Upper Zing Zing Bar and we decided to celebrate Santosh Bhai’s birthday, we didn’t have any cake or sweets, his birthday was celebrated with the chapathi’s that we parceled from Jispa.

Please click on the below link to watch Santosh Bhai’s birthday celebration.
Video Link for Santosh Bhai’s Birthday

Very heartfelt thanks to the mechanics and the locals who stood by us during the bike being repaired.

Deb bhai was accompanied by the Tent stay owner in his Tata Sumo.  All our baggage was dumped in the vehicle and we started riding till upper Zing Zing bar.

We were riding at minus degree temperature and in total darkness. I was completely drenched and shivering.  At a river crossing, I rode over a stone, I actually jumped off the stone, and until I realized what went wrong, I was near the edge, but somehow managed to control my bike.  Had I not controlled my bike, I would have jumped of the mountain and would have been in pieces.

Phani was behind me, and asked “Are you fine and will you be able to ride” and I said, yes bro I am fine, lets reach the tents, we quickly need a shelter.

We reached the tents at upper zing zing bar and got myself warm with some hot tea and Maggie and slept over.

Day 5: July 12, 2017 (Wednesday)

I woke up late in the morning to realize I was down with fever and body pain.  I could only see things being faded away; I wasn’t even in the position to stand on my feet. Whatever my team spoke, bounced over me.  I couldn’t even breathe properly. All the medicines that we purchased were with Rajesh and we couldn’t connect with them. Another biker group that stopped over at Zing Zing gave me an oxygen cylinder that helped me breathe.

in Zing ZingMe at Zing Zing Bar, Tent

Phani, Karthik and K2 took me to the nearest Army Hospital for a check-up.  The doctor there told my oxygen was below the levels of 40 and I should be immediately taken to Keylong Hospital.

I was hit by AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). The army doctor also told, it would be the risk of my life if I ride further with this bad health. I was dumb struck. Phani, Karthik, K2 and Deb bhai had a tough time convincing me that my Leh dreams was about to end.

army hospitalMe at Army Hospital, Zing Zing bar

I had no option but to head back to Keylong Hospital. A Truck was arranged to cargo my bike till Keylong and I was accompanied with Phani and K2 in the truck. The journey from Zing Zing to Keylong was in the truck and I was taken to the Government Hospital, Keylong.

Listening to what the Doctor said, my childhood dreams were shattered. He said “Young man, your hit with AMS and your health has been totally deteriorated; I know Ladakh is the dream of every biker, but for now forget your Leh dreams for 2017 and come back next time”

I was a numb hearing to the Doctor, I lay down at the hospital with the oxygen mask on my nose and the nurses injecting me.

at Keylong HospitalMe at Keylong Hospital


medical prescThe last line in the medical record says: “Advised to shift to lower altitude ASAP”

Phani and K2 booked a lodge nearby and shifted me there for the night’s stay. K2 informed Rigzin Bhai about my health conditions and Rigzin bhai agreed to come to Keylong the next immediate day and take me back to Manali.

Day 6: July 13, 2017 (Thursday)

Phani and K2 boarded the early morning bus to Zing Zing.  Rigzing bhai and his friend rode to Keylong to take me back to Manali.

As they reached to Keylong, I handed over my bike keys to Rigzin Bhai and I hopped into a taxi and slept off  and requested the taxi driver to wake me as we reached Manali while Rigzin bhai and his friend rode till Manali.

Rigzin bhai and his family took great care of me at Manali.

Post having dinner at Rigzin bhai’s home I crashed to bed.

Day 7: July 14, 2017 (Friday)

I woke up late in the afternoon and somehow rode to Manali city and booked a Volvo bus that would take me and my bike to Delhi.

Rigzin bhai helped me to load my bike in the luggage compartment of the bus and I boarded the same bus to Delhi.

Manali volvoMy bike in the luggage compartment of the Volvo Bus, I am Sorry “My Warrior”

Before our journey began, I had never met Rigzin bhai; we only interacted on Facebook and over the phone. Rigzin bhai helped us a lot from the requirements of Inner Line Permits to getting home stay booked at Manali and even during my bad health issues from Keylong to Manali.

A heartfelt thanks to you brother.  Hopefully, I shall ride to Leh with you, next time ! ! 

with Rigzin BhaaiMe and Rigzin Bhai

As I boarded the bus, I informed JP Bhai from Road Thrill that I will be reaching Delhi the next day and might need some help.  JP bhai immediately connected me to our Road Thrill chapter in Delhi.

Day 8: July 15, 2017 (Saturday)

I was at Delhi the early morning.  I got down at the last stop at Delhi and unloaded my bike from the bus and got in touch with Harsh Bhai who moderates Road Thrill Delhi.

My bike’s fuel tank was dried over and tire pressure reduced while loading my bike into the bus.  I couldn’t find any hotels in the nearby vicinity and I slept over in the bus until Harsh Bhai reached the place.  The Volvo bus drivers were friendly enough and told me “Tumhara dost aane tak, gaad mei hi so jao, gaadi shaam tak yahi rahegi” (You can sleep in the bus until your friend reaches, the bus will be parked here till the evening).

I walked to a nearby juice cart and ordered for Mosambi juice saying Bhai 10-15 glass juice bana do.  I was exhausted and hungry and wanted something to replenish my hunger.

Harsh bhai drove till the place where I was grounded, I quickly dumped my luggage into his car and we drove to the nearest petrol pump and got some fuel for my bike.

I then rode following Harsh bhai to his home.  I got myself freshened up here and we went to a nearby hotel for Brunch.

I got in touch with a transport carrier through Varun Bhai and they agreed to send their representative to pick my bike and then transport it to Bangalore.

The whole day I was with Harsh bhai, we had a good time discussing about my Leh journey and the rides we have in RT Chapters.

I handed over my bike along with the keys and the necessary copies of the documents to the representative of the Transport Carrier Company.

My bike was cargoed in a Truck from Delhi to Bangalore.

My friend Punit immediately booked my air tickets for my travel from Delhi to Bangalore.

Thanks a lot, Harsh Bhai for the help in Delhi.

with Harsh BhaiRT Bengaluru meets RT Delhi (Me with Harsh Bhai)

I got a cab booked to Delhi Airport, my flight was to be departed at 10.30pm but was delayed by 2 hours.

Day 9: July 16, 2017 (Sunday)

Upon reaching my room in Bangalore, I was totally lost. The memories of the entire journey were flashing in-front of my eyes. I took a day rest and decided to travel back home to Belgaum.

Day 10: July 17, 2017 (Monday)

I boarded my bus to Belgaum, I was nowhere but staring at the Moon through the window pane.  My childhood dream was unfinished.  All the efforts that were put behind dropped as tears.

Every biker’s dream is to ride the Ladakh circuit, a pending dream for many bikers, only few attempt it, a very few accomplish it, while a few fail.

I failed in my very first attempt of riding my Dream ride.
I was only 250 odd kms away from my Dream Destination “Leh”
I was so near but yet so far . . . . . .

My bike was delivered to Bangalore on 25th of July, 2017, the same day, Phani, Karthik, Gowda and Rajesh’s bike reached Bangalore City Railway Station.

Once I received my bike, I went to Bangalore Railway Station along with Phani to collect their bikes.

While their bikes were being unloaded from the train bogie, I said to myself: “Had I completed Leh successfully, my bike would have also been here in the railway bogie, Better luck next time”

I am blogging this from the memories of my unfinished journey to Leh.  The memories were worth all the money spent and the risk taken.

I was told by my Dad that I was blabbering during my sleep, “Has my Leh team crossed Srinagar” those were the words I spoke while asleep.
Out of the planned 2650 kms, I could only ride for 700 odd kms.

Thanks a lot to everyone who supported me throughout the journey, thanks a lot one and all from my Leh Team.

A very special kudos and thanks to Phani, K2, Karthik, Deb Bhai, Rigzin Bhai, our Road Thrill family members (JP Bhai, Harsh Bhai and Varun Bhai), DK Pandit Sir and last but not the least the mechanics Santosh Bhai and Ajay Bhai from Royal Enfield Jispa and also the contractors who stood by us near Patsio.

A proud moment of respect to the Indian Army, Borders Road Organization and the fellow bikers during the emergency situation at the landslide area.

A small advise to my readers, “Always help people or animals in need, it will come back in unexpected ways”

These were my experiences from my journey to Leh and a promise I keep to myself: “I will definitely complete the Leh Ladakh Circuit for sure in my life hopefully 2018”.

Photo Credits: My entire Leh Team

Stay tuned until I blog my next travel story, stay safe, #LiveFreeRideHard
Gokool Kini
(Soul Warrior)


In case any of my readers planning their Ladakh ride, please visit: Preparations for Ladakh

The Ride of 3 States: Trails of Ghats

Date: 14 – 15 – 16 April 2017
Places visited: Bandipur Forest, Ooty, Muzhippalangad Beach, Bekal Fort
States Visited: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala
No. of People: 4
Riders: Akshay, Panindra, Rajesh and I (Gokool)
Bikes: TVS Apache, Hero Karizma, RE Thunderbird350 and Suzuki Gixxer.
Total Distance covered: 1093 km
Route Taken:
Route Taken

As we had a long weekend geared in the mid of April’2017 we wanted to go for a long epic ride.  A practice ride before we hit Leh Ladakh.

Day 1 (April 14, 2017)

We started at 4 am from Nayandahalli Bridge, Mysore Road. All of us were riding with full of passion, the excitement, thinking about how this journey would be.  We had our 1st pit-stop of the day at Maddhur CCD, sipping some tea along with some biscuits; I could see the excitement and that smile on everyone’s face as this epic journey was planned long back for the month of February but actually happening now in April.

Maddur CCDOur Machines at Maddur CCD

Upon reaching Mysore, we exited the Bangalore – Mysore highway taking the Mysore Outer Ring Road.

We had a small pitstop, where I meet “Lucky – The Labrador”, as I always mentioned in my previous blogs that for every ride I go, I have memories with these pets.

with LuckyMe with Lucky – the Labrador

We had a quick breakfast at the roadside hotel here to fill our tummy with some delicious dosas.

Breakfast at Mysore Ring RoadPost breakfast at Mysore Ringroad

The journey continued as we kept riding on the ring road and took a left that leads to Ooty.

Upon reaching Bandipur Forest Checkpost we stopped over to grab some water bottles and a small pitstop for photo-session.

BandipurRajesh, Phani and me at Bandipur Forest Gate

Bandipur ForestThe “Beast”, The “Warrior” & The “Apache” ready to roar through Bandipur Forest 

Bandipur TimePlease be aware, Bandipur Forest has time restrictions.

The ride through the Bandipur forests and Madhumalai forest was an amazing experience. Once you pass through Madhumalai forest roads, the stretch of 36 Hair Pin bend to Ooty starts.

36 Hair PinRajesh at 36th Hair Pin Bend en route Ooty

Riding uphill over 36 hairpin bends was an ultimate experience.  We could glimpse a couple of tea estates as we kept riding uphill.  It was noon until we reached Ooty, and as it was a long weekend we could see a lot many tourist landing here.

As we entered the city limits, we stopped over for lunch at Youth Hostel. As we had lunch, we quickly checked for accommodation in Youth Hostel and to our bad all the rooms were full.

We got a normal hotel near Ooty Racecourse, we freshened ourselves and we straight went to Doddabetta peak.  It was 4.30pm until we reached the Doddabetta base and the security guard there stopped us at the junction and sent us back saying it’s closing time as the timings were only till 5.00pm.  We rode back downhill and visited the nearby tea factory.

As Phani and Rajesh were grabbing some tea, I was mesmerizing the sunset view.  There were 2 other bikers doing some photography there.  I had seen both of the bikers somewhere but I couldn’t remember where.  Suddenly my eyes fell on their bike club logo “Naked Wolves” and then I remembered seeing them on TV for Bajaj 200NS preview ad. We had a quick intro of ourselves, discussing about the bike groups we represented, Discussing about Road Thrill, Gixxer Club Bengaluru, and Naked Wolves, about the trip to Ooty and which all places were on the cards. Post greeting good-bye to them, we 3 (Rajesh, Phani and I) headed back to Ooty city.

sunset at OotySunset at Ooty

tea estateYo guys… !!!

teaa estateWarrior and Me

We spent some time taking few rounds in the city market, eating those garma garma bhajjis and pakodas. We were tired, we were sleepy, we headed back straight to the room, had dinner which we got it parceled from Youth Hostel and off to bed.

Day 2 (April 15, 2017)

After having some tea and biscuits which Phani managed to get it early morning, we were ready to start the day.  The first place to be visited was Doddabetta Peak. We got all our bags mounted on our bikes and started the ride. As we reached the peak, to our horror there was no place to park our bikes, it was that full. But we somehow managed to find a place to park 3 bikes.  We were worried about our luggage as we did not want to leave it on the bikes nor did we wanted to carry with us.

We spoke with the tea shop there and the shopkeeper said you can drop your bags on his Maruti Omni.

Along with our luggage, we had a laptop as well.

LuggageThanks to the tea shop owner to guard our luggage.

Many times, people are worried about the safety of their belongings during their trips, but:

“Being a traveler, yes we have to trust strangers sometimes”

It was a good time spent at Doddabetta with some photo session with the beautiful view of Ooty city.

doddabettaAt Doddabetta


doddabetta view pointOoty city as seen from Doddabetta viewpoint


doddabetttaA viewpoint while descending Doddabetta 


I love you my WarriorI Love You my “Warrior”


abcdBiking partners from the days of HSBC


kidsKids loved posing with our bikes and RT Flag ! ! ! ! !

confusedPhani and Rajesh both taking selfies, where should I pose ?? The confused me !!!

The next destination was Muzhapilangad beach near Kannur.  It was 2pm in the afternoon when we left Ooty city. We took the Gudalur forest route, the most scenic route from Ooty as the roads on either sides were covered by huge Nilgiri trees and riding those forest roads was good.

gudalurSomewhere in the middle of the Nilgiris… Gudalur Forests 

Post a small pit-stop for tea, we entered the roads of a small place called Pandalur and riding through the lush green tea estates during dusk time with few droplets of rain was mesmerizing.

It was around 6 pm when we stopped at the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border check-post to have some food, post some yummy delicious dosa’s, I went near the check-post gate to take a pic.  The kind of pic which I always wanted where I stand on 2 different states at the same time.

zAt the Border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala

The ride through the forests of Kerala was crazy again. It was around 9.30pm where we just entered a forest stretch “Malabar Hill Highway” and I saw a signboard 5/5 Hairpin bends ahead.  We were the only people riding on the roads.  We were riding downhill and even though we applied both brakes on our bikes, the bikes kept moving down.  Post crossing a place called Perivayoor, we stopped for dinner on the roadside hotel at around 11 pm.  From here Kannur was around 50kms.  We finally reached Kannur at 1 am and just checked in to a normal lodge.  We were riding for the whole day covering 280kms in approximate 11 hours.

As soon we checked into the hotel, I called my brother who was on a ride to Mangalore.  I told him about our plan for the next day.  He was excited to join us to Muzhappilangad beach.

Day 3 (April 16, 2017)

As my brother reached Kannur, we all rode to Muzhappilangad beach. A very famous beach in Kerala and is known for the longest drive in beach in India and every one of us were enjoying the ride on the seashores.  We could see people waiting for the waves to hit the shore and ride as the water waved beneath the tires.

Muzzhappilangad BeachThis goes as my FB cover pic for now….. !!!!!!


20953446_10213136732354640_7696340270948923124_nAll of our luggage being stacked on Rajesh’s Bike


aaPics with seashells is definitely a must on a beachside 

20915237_10213136784715949_7953811837597382793_nThat’s my Riding Partner in my family . . . !!!


20914725_10213136827957030_4244504684727402625_nPhani is thinking if he could really ride on the Arabian Sea 🙂


20915456_10213136873078158_8132215131543250773_nCheers mate .. .. ..


20882056_10213136890438592_5282955690333587319_nHad to park my bike with a Wheel-spin on the sand . . . . .


20842029_10213127200676354_8125995431518534331_nThe favorite of all the pics… Thank you, Akshay for the click 


20914427_10213136925519469_5391151590618808722_nAunty, please chill Maadi, we are crazy guys ! ! ! ! !

A good time spent with my friends and my brother, a good photo session on the beach side.  We were also lost watching the blue sea all around.

20994318_10213136764075433_3536986755491925933_nFootball on the beach side…. wow…. that’s fun !!!


20994011_10213137025561970_5318754660974706899_nHope to ride on this beach sometime again . . . 


raaz restaurantFish Curry at this restaurant was superb.


aPhani, Me, Rajesh and my brother Akshay

Post a delicious breakfast, Phani rode solo to Bangalore and we continued to Bekal Fort.

The roads were surrounded by lot many coconut plantations, many of road bridges across the rivers as we rode through the Coastal roads of Kerala which took us approx. 2 hours covering 75kms to reach Bekal fort.

Bekal is the oldest fort in Kerala and surrounded by the sea and coconut plantations. Many movie songs have been shot at this fort. A very cleanly maintained fort, appreciate the efforts put by the Kerala Government and Archaeological Department of India.

20914189_10213137205126459_39564207067361576_nA fort surrounded by Coconut plantations


20882588_10213137229527069_2850087296205486055_nBeachside view from the fort


20915296_10213137207686523_8741455080552699950_nBeachside view

We rested for an hour outside the fort at a juice shop to have some chilled watermelon juice.  It was summers and the climate was extremely hot.

We started our engines to start our ride back home (Bangalore).  As we entered Karnataka, we stopped at a junction somewhere near a place called Sullia in Mangalore District where my brother Akshay and I were debating on the quickest route to Bangalore.  Both of us had switched on the GPS, Akshay had only mentioned Bangalore as the destination but I eagerly wanted to ride through Shiradi Ghat and added Sakleshpur in my map to Bangalore.  I somehow convinced Akshay and Rajesh to take the Sakleshpur road.

This road via Sakleshpur was yet another ride through the thick forests.  We took a pit-stop amidst the forest route in a village to have some tender coconut water and then rode till Kukke Subramanya.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-21 at 00.28.20

We got the air pressure of bike tires checked as we had to ride the Shiradi Ghats only to ensure we don’t face a problem of a flat tire.  The rain poured as we started riding uphills of Shiradi ghats.  This stretch kept all 3 of us on our nerves, we were riding the dangerous road of Karnataka under the wrath of the rain gods and it was dark.  This stretch of 30 odd kms you will see a heavy movement of tankers and lorries shipping fishes.

As the ghats finished and we stopped in Sakleshpur to have some garma garm bhajji, we all said, “This was one crazy stretch, we want to ride this ghat again” and meanwhile Phani had already reached home taking the Mysore route.

We stopped over for dinner at a dhaba near Hassan. Until the food was served, we got the pics from the DSLR copied to the laptop and scrolling through the pics.

20914668_10213137216886753_3096272274168409261_nBhai, when is the next ride ???

Until Hassan, our entire trip was in the ghats and forests, and now we got highway road and we wanted to just zoom off home, many pit-stops were taken for tea as we all were tired and sleepy.


We reached Yesvantpur at 3.00am and all dispersed for their respective homes.  At a point in Sheshadripuram, I stopped in the middle of the road; I forgot my way back home and I quickly switched on my mobile GPS to assist me the route back home.


It was yet another memorable trip covering 1093kms, riding through places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and most of our riding were in ghat sections.  Hence the title “The Ride of 3 States: Trail of Ghats”.


Thank you, everyone, for making this trip a memorable one, hope to have more of such memories with you all.

Stay tuned until I blog another of my travel story, Stay safe, Live Free Ride Hard.

Trailer video of The Ride of 3 states:
Click here to watch the Trailer Video

Gokool Kini
(Soul Warrior)


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Bikers’ Blood Donation Drive 2017

Date: 22nd of April 2017
Blood Bank Associated: Rashtrothana Blood Bank
Event Partners: SolaceThrottleHighway Delite and ReflectON
Volunteers from: LifeLine Services
Venue: Rashtrothana Yoga and Research Centre
Total No. of Donors: 98
Bike Groups volunteered and donated blood for the cause: Road Thrill, Dawn Riders, Battalion Bikers, Brotherhood of Bikers, Acclaimed Riders, Bangalore Roadies, Bajaj Avenger Club – Bengaluru, Dominar Owners Club – Bengaluru, Gear N Ride, and Gixxer Club Bengaluru

1Bikers Blood Donation Drive 2017 Event Banner

This CSR event “Bikers Blood Donation Drive 2017” was an initiative by Gixxer Club Bangalore in association with LifeLine Services.  The blood bank and the medical team associated with this drive was Rashtrothana Blood Bank which is the oldest Blood Bank in Bangalore.

“The gift of Blood is a gift of Life”

The most valuable service to mankind is Blood Donation. Nothing is comparable to the preciousness of human blood. There is no substitute for human blood as it cannot be manufactured but can only be donated by generous donors.

How rare is your blood group?


Do you know how many lives can 1 pint of Blood save?

Blood-donation-7501 A pint of Blood can save 3 lives

The medical team and the volunteers were very friendly ensuring that the event was driven successfully. A round of applause to the volunteers and the medical team.

Badges, certificates, stickersBadges, Certificates were given to generous Blood Donors at the event

Road ThrillTeam Road Thrill at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

Dawn RidersTeam Dawn Riders at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

Gear N RideTeam Gear N Ride at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

Acclaimed RidersTeam Acclaimed Riders at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

Bajaj Avenger Club BengaluruTeam Bajaj Avenger Club – Bengaluru at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

DOCTeam Dominar Owners Club (DOC) – Bengaluru at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

GCBTeam Gixxer Club Bengaluru at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

Battalion BikersTeam Battalion Bikers – Bengaluru at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

highway deliteTeam Highway Delite at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

Volunteers from LifelineVolunteers from LifeLine – iSteer at Bikers Blood Donation Drive

“In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

We had excess sandwiches still left and we did not want to waste food.  We got to know about an NGO “PunahChethana Foundation” through Just Dial and we gave the excess food to the NGO.  It is a foundation that runs an Old Age home and also fosters Orphan children and is located in JP Nagar 8th Phase.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-22 at 18.44.59

at Punah ChethanaWe at PunahChethana Foundation post the blood donation drive.

A heart warm thanks to all the supporting Blood Donors, Bike groups, Volunteers, Event Partners and the medical team from Rashtrothana Blood Bank who put in their efforts for the noble cause.

Thanks a lot, Binay Bhai for coordinating the event successfully.


Gokool Kini

(Soul Warrior)

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Trip to DD hills and Irakasandra

Date: 26th of March 2017
Destination: Devarayanadurga Hills and Irakasandra Water Reservoir
No. of people: 2 solo bikers
Total Distance covered: 175kms
Route Taken:
Route Map

It was late Saturday night and I wanted to ride somewhere on Sunday.  A few of my buddies from Road Thrill had ridden to Irakasandra Water Reservoir and the pics shared by Vinod Bhai enthralled me to explore this destination.

At 12.30 am I called up Ganesh (my riding buddy from Gixxer Club Bengaluru)
Me: Shall we go for a day ride on Sunday to DD Hills? Few of my buddies from Road Thrill had been to Irakasandra, the place is awesome, let’s go there as well ! !!!
Ganesh: Haan macha, let’s go !!!
Me: Cool, let’s meet at 5 am at Goregontepalya Junction and start from there, Good Night
Ganesh: Ok Macha, Good Night

I started from my home at 5.15am and reached Goregontepalya junction by 5.30am to see Ganesh had already reached there and was waiting for me.

Ganesh: Macha, waiting for you from the past half an hour.  We planned to see the sunrise atop DD Hills, but I guess will see it on the road before reaching the hilltop.

Me: Let’s leave now bro, will watch the sunrise on the move.

We headed straight on the NH4 (Tumkur Highway) and upon reaching Dabaspete (50kms from Bangalore) we exited the highway and took the right turn that leads to DD Hills.

As we saw the glimpse of the first light, that yellow shining sun that started rising from the ground which filled the sky with mighty colors of red and splashed the clouds with endless rays of orange. It was bright and spectacular and invited us to stare, deep into the horizon.

My “Warrior” #Sunrise Kiss #Nature……. Don’t Stay at Home, Get up and Ride, Chase the beautiful Sunrise !!!


Ganesh and I (Gokool Kini, The Soul Warrior)

To give a brief introduction about the destination, Devarayanadurga Hills and is very commonly known as DD hills which are located in Tumkur District. It’s a small hill station with an altitude of 3900 feet above sea level and is surrounded forests and hilltops and the very famous Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Temple located on the hilltop and Bhoga  Lakshmi Narasimha temples at the foothills are located there at DD hills.

The Bhoga Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is located on the foothills and the Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is located on the hilltop.

We first went to Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Temple on the uphill and riding those twisties uphill is always an awesome ride. There are steps that also take you to the hill-top temple, but as a biker; I would always suggest riding those twisties and corners.  After reaching the top, we got to know that the temple opens only at 10.00 am.  We picked some snacks from the nearby shop and took some pics and watched the view of the mountains around and also a troop of monkeys that were playing and jumping while the visitors fed them.


It’s not only with Dogs I am playful with, Man’s Evolution from Monkey to Man.




Since the temple was yet to be opened, we rode to the nearby viewpoint.  Ride to roads that will take you to the guest house nearby and there is a viewpoint to which not many people go.


As we were clicking few pics, Ganesh and I discussed each other’s trip experiences from our recent past and checked if any Rides were on the cards.

We met a local who suggested us to ride to another viewpoint behind the temple located at the foothills and said; the view there is awesome !!!.


The only safety advise the local gave us; “Be careful near the cliff, especially if you taking your bike towards the edge”

We thanked them and rode back down the hill and reached the backside of Bhoga Lakshmi Narasimha temple and rode straight to the viewpoint.

The view from there was amazing, rocky mountains all over, a few coconut plantations and the Irakasandra water reservoir was also seen from the cliff.  And yes, the cliff is very dangerous and please be very careful especially when you take selfies and pose for those crazy pics along with your bikes.





Big Bang Biker along with his subscribers was also here that day and we have Raghavendra aka Big Bang Biker.

Post a few photo sessions here, we visited the temple and followed by Breakfast at the eatery near the temple.


We then rode uphill again to visit Yoga Narasimha temple as it opens only at 10.00AM. You have to walk through over 100-150 steps to reach the temple from parking space.  As we walked over those steps and at the middle, there are few shops if you want to quench your thirst or to rest for a couple of minutes.


The best memories I have from most of my travels are pets, I have always found their companion during my trips.  Here I meet and play with a Labrador named “Princey”

It is true that Dogs are indeed a Man’s Best Friend.

We continued climbing those steps to reach the hill-top temple.

Post visiting the temple here, you can also trek/climb over those rocks beside the temple pond that leads you to a viewpoint.

Ganesh: What you say, shall we climb those rocks?

Me: The climate is a too hot buddy, you can trek to the top and I shall wait for you at the parking space and have some cold drinks and rest for a while.

Ganesh: Ok Macha, I will trek and be back.


He was back after a couple of minutes completing the trek and with all the excitement he said: There were hardly few steps that reached the top while he showed his pics from there.

The view was nice indeed !!


Those were the last few steps to reach the topmost point at DD Hills.

By now the seats of our bike were damn hot, so we poured some water on the seats to cool it down.

From here, our next place to be visited was Irakasandra Water Reservoir which is 15-20kms away from the hills and took us approximately 30mins to reach there.

Riding alongside of the water body and we found some shady area to park our bikes.  As we parked our bike and walked towards the reservoir, we said to each other, how this place went unexplored before.


We settled on a small rock and watching all over the reservoir and wondering “How this reservoir is full of water when even though the temperature was around 38 degrees Celsius.

Ganesh: Had I knew swimming, I would have definitely dived into the water and would swim peacefully here !!!


The Single Titanic Pose on a Rock in the middle of the reservoir !!


We had a nice time clicking photos of each other and taking a hell lot of selfies.

Ganesh went on and on clicking selfies and that’s why we call him “Selfie Ganesh”

After all the photography we walked back to the place where our bikes were parked.

Me: Maccha, we should come here once again, but we should reach here early morning, I hope the view would be more beautiful on an early morning.

Ganesh: Yes we should definitely ride here sometime again.


The White and the Black Machines at Irakasandra Water Reservoir !!!




After riding to Irakasandra Water Reservoir, I was thinking where to ride next with my “Warrior”




My Machine, My “Warrior” always ready to take those roads that were never taken and always ready to explore the places that were never seen ! ! !


We started our journey back to Bangalore and we stopped over for lunch at Hotel Kamadhenu on (NH4) and then rode back home.

Thanks a lot Ganesh for yet another awesome road trip that added to our Travel Memoir.


This was the story of our 175kms journey to Devarayanadurga Hills (DD Hills) and the unexplored Irakasandra Water Reservoir.

Stay Tuned….!!! until I explore yet another destination, another place to be marked as “Completed” from my “To be Travelled List” and share my experience.

See you all, Stay Safe 🙂

Warm Regards,
Gokool Kini
(Soul Warrior)


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Just Ride with Road Thrill: Temple Run

It was Road Thrill’s 2nd anniversary and we were planning to have a pre-anniversary ride just a week before the Anniversary party. The destination now to be explored was Kolar.  We decided to visit Kurudumale and Avani temples in Kolar district and hence the name “Temple Run”

Date: 26th of Feb 2017

Total Distance covered: 275kms

No. of people: 17

Route Taken:


The starting point was ITI gate bus stop near KR Puram and I was very excited to meet all the Road Thrill members and ride along with them and here goes our 1st groupfie for the day.

at iti gate

After a small brief introduction about the ride which was given by JP Bhai, Lohith Bhai, & Anirban Bhai and post which we started our much awaited “Temple Run Ride”

The sun was just rising for the day and we stopped for a couple of photo sessions at Kolar Highway.

We all love to take pics, but a pic with our biking brothers will always add to the glamour and beauty of the ride.

warrior with sunrise

Here comes a pic of my “Warrior” along with other bikes and the beautiful sunrise.

We at Road Thrill always ride together in group formations.

Road Thrill Members riding in a single Lane Formation.

single lane formation

We checked in to Hotel Vasudev Adigas near Venkatapura – Vadagur enroute the Kolar Highway for breakfast.

Adigas has always been a common breakfast point chosen by most of the travellers on Kolar highway.

arey oh sambha and james bonda

A pretty creative names given to dishes with a touch of names of few famous celebrities.

“Arey oh Sambar !!!” the famous Gabbar Singh Dialogue

The 007 “James Bonda Soup”

A very good and decent hotel to have some delicious breakfast with family and friends.  As said earlier, this is a common breakfast point chosen and on weekends, especially on sunday,s you may sight a couple of super cars or bikes or biking groups.

RT members at Kolar Adigas

The RT gang:

Jacinth Paul (JP Bhai), Lohith, Shekar, Udayshankar Nayak, Akmal Khan, Bharat M, Sanjay, Bharat R, Anirban, Prashanth, Kiran, Dony, Rajesh, Panindra, Mezen and I, Gokool Kini.

After breakfas,t we continued our journey to Kurudumale.

We stopped at Mulbagal Toll Naka to take some pics of all our riders posing with our bikes.

at mulbagal toll naka

Kurudumale is approximately 6kms from this toll naka, you have to take a deviation to your left from the Kolar highway and keep riding till Kurudumale which has a very famous Ganesha temple wherein the height of the Ganesha statue is 14 feet tall.

We had a small introduction session of all the riders followed by JP bhai speaking about Road Thrill and upcoming events happening under the banner of Road Thrill.

After visiting the famous Ganesha temple of Kurudumale, we started riding to Avani. We reached Avani and to our surprise, there was a temple fair happening at the temple on account of MahaShivratri festival followed by a long weekend and hence was fully crowded by travellers and pilgrims.

It was our fellow rider, Kiran’s birthday and JP Bhai got a cake from the nearby bakery and Kiran’s birthday was celebrated at Avani.

Happy Birthday Kiran 🙂

my warrior wid helmets

My “Warrior” with a couple of helmets on it.

Wowwwww ! ! ! !

Love you my “Warrior”

Our very next destination was the very famous “Kotilingeshwara Temple” and we took the village roads to reach this temple.  As told earlier that we were riding just after MahaShivratri which was followed by a long weekend and crowd was expected here as well.

“Kotilingeshwara” as the name suggests has over a crore of Shivalings present here.

We visited the temple in the afternoon under scorching sun.  If you have plans to visit this place, please make sure you visit early mornings or after the peak sun hour.

Sefie with Shivalinga and Nandi

My Selfie in front of 108 feet tall Shivaling and a 30 feet tall statue of Nandi.

Also few lakhs of small Shivlings.

“Har Har Mahadeva”

We had an awesome time spent here at the temple looking at those lakhs of shivlings and capturing pictures along. The pics you take are the only proof of your travel and you will have a beautifull collection of your memories in the form of photographs.

Here after exiting from the temple, we hit straight to Kolar Highway and stopped for lunch at “Roti Ghar” which is just 2kms from the highway junction / bridge.

We had good discussions with everybody, speaking and listening to some interesting travel stories, got to know each other while having our lunch.

Post lunch we started our journey back to Bangalore and reached Hoskote Toll naka to Bid Adieu and thanked every one who made it successfully for yet another travel memory to be cherished in our life.

Thanks a lot, every one of you who joined us for Just Ride with Road Thrill: Temple Run

A special thanks to Jacinth Paul (JP Bhai) and Road Thrill Community: Meet, Travel Discover for creating a platform where people get to “Meet” new people who go on to become a part of Biking Brotherhood family, “Travel” and explore to as many places together as a group and where people get to “Discover” hidden talents of Building personal networks, Photography, Blogging, Videography and lots more. Thanks a lot, everyone.

This was the story of our 275kms Journey, Just Ride with Road Thrill: Temple Run

Distance Travelled

Photo Credits to JP Bhai, Lohith Bhai and Mezen.

Stay tuned until I write yet another blog of my next travel story, till then “Cheers and Ride Safe”

Love You all,

Gokool Kini (Soul Warrior)

P.S. Please spare me for any grammatical mistakes.

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Bike Trip to Shravanabelagola

Bike Trip with friends is always a memory to be cherished for life.  This time 3 of my friends Anil Pujar, Sunil Pujar, Dilip Rao and I (Gokool Kini) planned a 1-day bike trip to Shravanabelagola on a Sunday, 19th of Feb 2017.

Bikes: Suzuki Gixxer & Bajaj Avenger

No of people: 4

Total Distance: 351 Kms

Route Map:


We started from our house in JP Nagar at around 6.45am and entered the NICE Road (near PESIT College) and headed towards Nelamangala.  Cold weather and a bike ride is an ultimate combination.

At around 8 am we took a pitstop to have breakfast at Hotel Darshan which is famous for Tatte Idli on Hassan Road, Thigalarapalya which is a couple of kms before Kunigal.  This hotel is exactly 80kms from JP Nagar.

We had a delicious Tatte Idli and Wada and that just cost us Rs160.  As we were clicking a couple of selfies there, we came across a board which had a few more places for tourist attractions in the surrounding area.

The board gave us quite a few more places to be visited on the way and we decided to visit Shree Kshetra Siddhalingeshwara Swamy Temple in Yadiyur and Adichunchanagiri Temple.

We then continued riding by deciding to visit Shree Kshetra Siddhalingeshwara Temple in Yadiyur.  Take a left just before the start of Yadiyur bridge and the temple is just 1Km from the bridge.

Click here if you need more information regarding the temple.

Here are few pics we clicked inside the temple as we waited in the queue.

As we came out of the temple, we could see a few people taking Temple Elephant blessings and we also decided to take some blessings.

Also a couple of selfies and snaps we took outside of the temple.

It was 9.55AM and the next place to be visited was Adichunchanagiri Temple, as we continued our journey, my bike fuel level signaled reserve, as we had done 115kms from home and I was looking for a petrol pump along the highway side.


We kept on riding until we reached the junction of Jevargi – ChamarajNagar Road. Take a right at the junction and Adichunchanagiri Temple is exactly 09kms from the junction.


As we reached near to the temple, we saw the road to the temple was closed for repairs and took a shortcut that took us at a Dead Point and took the correct road by taking information from the localites there.

We reached the temple at around 10.30AM after completing 139kms from home. As we parked our bikes, we saw a Rocky Hill behind the temple and planned for a short trekk to the hill top.

The temple is of Lord Kalabhairaveshwara and was cleanly maintained. A couple of photos as we walked towards the inside of the temple.

Click here if you want more information regarding this Temple
After seeking blessings of Lord Kalabhairaveshwara, we sat for a while inside the temple.

As we came outside the main temple, we walked towards the exit and saw a board with an arrow mark which read “23 Feet Naga Linga”. Below is the pic of the Naga Linga.

Below are the main places on the Adichunchanagiri Betta:


From here we started the trekk to the Rocky Hill.  Please note, we have to walk on the steps to the Hill barefoot as the steps start just after the main temple doors.

As we climbed the steps and reached Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple, we could have a  top view glimpse of the main temple.

After visiting Gavi Gangadareshwar Temple, we proceeded further on to walking over the steps to reach the top.
As we almost reached the top, we have to pass through a small cave like a temple and as you come out, the top view of the temple and the town was really good.

The top view of the main temple, a temple pond, and a couple of small lakes and some backwater.


Few more pics were taken from atop the hill.




 A few more pics of ours atop the hill.

 After a good photo session atop the hill, we started walking downstairs and the only thing in our mind was to look for a hotel as everyone was damn very hungry. After reaching down walking till the parking space, we quickly started our bikes and headed towards the highway junction and took right on NH75 and as we rode the highway the first thing on my mind was to look for a petrol pump, which we found an HP Petrol Pump just  1-2kms after the deviation.

As I was refueling my bike we enquired for hotels / dhabas and the petrol pump guys informed that there are hotels on the highway.  We had lunch in Jeeva Family Garden Restaurant.

Please note if you expect very good food, this is not the hotel you would look for.

Post lunch our ride continued to Shravanabelagola.  Once you reach a small town called “Hirisave” take a left and Shravanabelagola is 19kms from the Hirisave highway junction.


We reached Shravanabelagola at 2.45pm after riding 191 kms from our start point.


 As the climate was scortching hot in the afternoon and as we had to climb 500-600 steps to reach the monolithic Gomateshwara Statue, we took a couple of minutes to rest sipping some tender coconut water and taking few snaps of the market place and reading the history board of “Vindhyagiri” hill.



The temple has time restrictions and you have to walk through 600+ steps bare foot.  If you have any plans of visiting Shravanabelagola, then plan for early morning or late afternoon as the steps will be damn hot under the scorching heat of the sun and also carry enough water with you.

As you climb and turn you can see the Temple Pond also known as Kalyani and the “Chandragiri” hills.  Very few people visit both Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri but we planned to visit both of them.

Few pics of Chandragiri as seen from Vindhyagiri hill.



Few more pics of the ancient sculptures on Vindhyagiri hills.


Few pics at the entrance of the main temple, just before entering towards the monolith statue.

And then we entered the main temple where the monolith Gomateshwara Statue is located.

The statue also known as the “Bahubali Statue” was covered with bamboos as few workers were working on maintenance.





We had read about Shravanabelagola’s history during our school days and it was a good feeling to really visit this place now.  Better Late than never.








It was an awesome time spent on “Vindhyagiri” and wanted to get down and visit “Chandragiri” before the temple gates closed as it closes at 6.00pm in the evening.

We came down to the parking lot, took our bikes and went to “Chandragiri”

The number of steps at Chandragiri is very less as compared to Vindhyagiri and without wasting any time we quickly started to walk through the steps.

The Temple pond and Bahubali statue as seen from Chandragiri.

Few pics at the temple.



I have never seen a temple over a temple anywhere else, but you find it here at Chandragiri.

Please be very careful while climbing the steps while you go to see the temple on the 1st floor as the size of the steps are very small and we can only keep our feet sideways, that small in size those steps are.

The time was 6 pm by now and the security told us they will be closing the main gates and we headed back down to the parking lot.

As we were a couple of steps away to the base we saw people sliding over the rocks to the bottom and yaaaayy !!!! we came sliding down.

A day full of trekking over the steps of the hills and we were all hungry.  After having some snacks there we started at 7.00pm our journey back home.  After riding continuously for 110kms we had a pitstop to have some hot tea.


Every trip I have been till now I have come across some pets to play with.

We reached back home at around 10.00Pm after completing yet another memorable Bike Trip completing a total of 351 km for the day.


Thank you Bhai log (Anil Pujar, Sunil Pujar, and Dilip Rao) for yet another awesome road trip. Love you all !!!

P.S. This is my first blog and please spare me for any grammatical mistakes.

Thanks for reading, Please stay tuned until I publish my next travel story.

See yaa ….. !!!!


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