A Ride to Mandargiri Hills and Maidala Lake

Date: 11th November 2017, Saturday
Places visited: Mandargiri Hills, Maidala Lake and Devarayanadurga Hills (DD Hills)
No of People: 3 (Dipika, Shreyas and me)
Bikes: KTM Duke200 and Suzuki Gixxer
Total Distance: 181kms
Route Taken:

Route MapRoute Map

After filtering out various trekking places around Bangalore, we decided to explore Mandargiri hills (also known as Basadi Betta).  It’s a small hillock with a Jain Temple atop the hill.

The ride was just about to begin from our meet-up point Goreguntepalya, while I saw my bike’s front tire is flat.  There was an HP Petrol Pump nearby on the service road where I got my bike’s tire pressure checked and that wasn’t a puncture, luckily!!

We then quickly zoomed over the flyover off Tumkur Road and kept riding straight on till Kamat Hotel, Dabaspete where we stopped over for breakfast.

At Kamat Hotel, DabaspeteAt Kamat Hotel, Dabaspete

Post breakfast we were back on the highway.  Take a deviation at Kyatsandra where you see an arch to your right. (Note: This is not the deviation at Dabbaspete underpass, go few kilometers ahead on the highway until Kyatsandra, look for an arch and a deviation at this arch would lead you to a village; Panditinahalli).

The road through this village would take you straight to Mandargiri Hills. The temple atop will be locked and the keys to be collected from the Priest who resides at the foothills.  We searched high and low to find the caretaker and also tried calling on the numbers put up near the office, but sadly; failed to get the keys, hence missed an opportunity to explore inside of the temple premises.

We parked our bikes at the foothill and started to ascend over the carved out steps, which are approximately 450 in number.

At Foothills of MandargiriAt the Foothills of Mandargiri


Carved out steps at MandargiriThe carved-out steps at Mandargiri


MandargiriClimbing the steps at Mandargiri

The climb would barely take 15minutes.  As you reach the top, you will be welcomed by the cool breeze, the view of coconut plantations.  You can also see the Peacock feathered temple dome which is unique.

Temple Dome with Peacock Feather designThe Temple dome with Peacock feather design as seen from the hills

Please carry eatables and water bottles, as you won’t find any shops near the hills.

At the left side of the temple, there is a small pond and the mighty Maidala / Mydala Lake on the right.  We spent some time under the shades of a huge rock mesmerizing the beautiful view.

at MandargiriiAt Mandargiri hills


HJC and SOLRule the Roads, but wear the Crown….. #HJC, and #SOL


Panoramic Picture of the ponds and the Maidala LakePanoramic Picture capturing the ponds and Maidala Lake


Temple Pond at MandargiriTemple Pond (Kalyani) at Mandargiri hills


At MandargiriDipi, me and Shrey at Mandargiri

Post checking out the nearby pond, we planned to visit the Maidala Lake.  But as we descended down till our bikes, we were shocked to see my bike’s petrol pipe leaking.  Some idiots did steal petrol from my bike; half tank petrol was been stolen from my bike.

Shrey fixed the fuel pipe and we then took the muddy roads that lead us to Maidala Lake.  Please be careful here as you have to ride on the slopes of the rocky hillock and over the loose gravel.

The lake was stunning, it was a windy day; where the waves of the lake hitting the shores, gave a feeling of being at a beachside.

At Maidala Lake#Dutchess and #Warrior at Maidala Lake


Maidala LakeMaidala Lake


At Mydala LakeA day at the lake, restores the Soul

Post a good quality time spent at the lakefront for some photography sessions; we decided to visit Devarayana Durga Hills; popularly known as DD Hills by riding the muddy roads of the lakeshore.

Offroads at MandargiriThe off-roads besides the lake

We even rode till the end of a narrow bridge where you have pump-set room.  The cool breeze and weather kept us away from fatigue and its symptoms.

Pump-set room Maidala LakeAt the bridge to Pump-set room, Maidala Lake

Once you exit the muddy roads and reach the tarmac roads, (taking left from here would take you to Tumkur Highway) and we took a right that leads us to a village Urdigere, which is few kilometers before the DD Hills Arch.

Over a pit-stop for tea at Urdigere, we enquired for hotels to have our lunch; the shop-keeper advised us to have lunch (Prasad) in DD Hills Temple.

After seeking blessings from “Bhoga Lakshmi Narasimhaswami Temple” at DD hills, we had lunch (Prasad); every visitor of this temple can have lunch freely.

Before Lunch at DD HillsMe with a Pup at DD hills temple


Lunch hall at DD Hills TempleThe Lunch Hall at the temple


LeafThe traditional leaf on which the lunch was served in the Temple


waiting for the lunchWaiting for the Lunch (Prasad)

The lunch (Rice, Sambhar, and Payasa) was served on a traditional leaf.  Post a delicious lunch in the temple; we rode those twisties uphill to “Yoga Narasimhaswamy temple”.  As we walked those steps to the temple; I was happy to see “Princey” again (Princey, a labrador dog).  The shop-keeper there easily identified me; he said you were here a few months ago and you enjoyed your time here playing with “Princey” the last time as well.

With PrinceyWith Princey, the Labrador

Post seeking blessings here, we wanted to trek behind the temple, but the authorities denied our entry; showing us a signboard that read trekking here is banned.

at DD Hills templeAt a viewpoint on DD Hills

We rode back to Bangalore to stop over at Goreguntepalya and bidding good-bye, we dispersed back home.

Thank YouThank You Dipi and Shrey for a memorable trek and bike trip


Bike Odometer181 km on my Bike Odometer

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Stay safe and tuned until I blog/vlog my next travel story!!!

Gokool Kini
(Soul Warrior)

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