Road Thrill Bangalore rides to Chota Ladakh

It was the first ride of 2019 for the members of Road Thrill Bangalore Chapter and the place chosen was Dodda Ayur, Chota Ladakh.  Most of us read about this place on social media and every one of us were curious to visit this unexplored place.

Route we took


So the first Sunday of 2019, we were all set to Get Leh’d.

Chota Ladakh…. Ha Ha!!

As usual, I got my bike and gears ready and headed towards the start point; ITI Gate, near KR Puram along with Lohith Bhai and a couple of RT members. Most of us had already reached ITI Gate.  Post greeting New Year wishes, and before the ride briefing commenced; a couple of us went to a tea shop for some chai.

Meanwhile, JP Bhai updated me about Satish Bhai’s car accident and a couple of us immediately rushed to the accident spot.  Satish Bhai’s car was hit from behind by an Innova with Satish Bhai’s car facing major damages on the rear windshield and rear bumper.

Briefing before the ride


Getting Started for the ride


Post a fierce argument with the SUV driver and his associates, they agreed to get Satish Bhai’s car repaired on their cost. We dropped Satish Bhai’s car in the Hyundai showroom which was close by and finishing off the service formalities inside the showroom. Meanwhile, the rest of the group had started the ride and would wait for us at Hotel Kamat on Kolar Road.

Satish Bhai hopped in as Pillion on Abhishek Bhai’s bike, and Ashwath Bhai, Sandy Bhai and I started riding on to Kolar Road zooming our way to Hotel Kamat (near Narasapura).  The pit-stop assistance and breakfast arrangements were done by Rajesh Bhai from Highway Delite.

Staggered Formation


Ride Formation followed in the ride


We quickly finished our breakfast here and reached Dodda Ayur, Chota Ladakh which is 6-7kms from the hotel. The last few stretches was a muddy lane until you reach the destination.

Chota Ladakh; a white stoned quarry place which is dug deep and has a lake with crystal clear water.  This view acted like an Ice Breaker to all our curious and wondering minds on why the name Chota Ladakh.  The beauty of the view proved the charm of the name.

Chota Ladakh


All of us parked our bikes and walked down to the lake.  The water was crystal clear and as this place was very less known to travelers; it was very clean and free of plastics.  In-case, any of my readers plan a visit to this place, please don’t trash or litter around this place.  Please carry your trash and throw in a waste bin.

The Quarry side


That’s Me and My Warrior


The group pic from that lake at Chota Ladakh


Drone Pics from Bharat Bhai


Drone Shot from Chota Ladakh


Drone Shots


The Panoramic picture


My brother Akshay, had bought some fruits to all of us. Post some photo session, we headed ahead on those muddy lanes to another lake nearby. To keep the momentum of excitement, we named this lake as Chota Pangong Lake. We spent some time here and then started our return journey back to Bangalore.

Chota Pangong Lake… ha ha


The group pic from Chota Pangong Lake


Somewhere, en-route on the highway we stopped to have some tender coconut water and then headed till Hoskote Toll where everyone dispersed from there.

Thank you, everyone, for yet another memorable and for starting the first weekend of 2019 with a bang!!!!

150 km on my bike’s odometer


Photo Credits: Lohith Bhai and Bharat Bhai

Stay safe, ride safe and don’t trash your travel.


Until next time….



Gokool Kini

(Soul Warrior)

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