A short visit to Colva Beach, Goa

Colva, a coastal village in South Goa, a famous tourist destination visited for its beaches,  food stalls & restaurants.

As a family tradition, we visit to our home deity temple to Goa during Dasara every year.  Though our visit to Goa was for a short span, we somehow managed to visit the very famous Colva Beach in Goa.

Post all the temple proceedings, we hired a taxi to visit few other temples along with the beach.  From the past few years, we contact Mr. Remy Fernandes (taxi owner) for all our Goa Sightseeing.

As soon my dad told me to check Remy’s availability, I quickly had a call and told him our travel plan and within no time, Remy Sir agreed.  I always call him Remy Sir.

We were accompanied by one of my uncle and aunt who were also on their visit to Goa this time.

Post visiting the few other temples (Mahalasa, Veling Shantadurga) which we visit every year, we reached the city of Madgaon (known as Margaon) in South Goa. We stopped for lunch at Hotel Laxmi Veg Restaurant.  Post lunch we rushed to the Madgaon Railway Station, to see off my uncle and aunt who had to their train scheduled at 2pm. And from there, we soon reached Colva Beach.

Goa Map at Margao Railway Station


It was a sunny afternoon, and as it was an unplanned short visit to the beach, I didn’t have my sunglasses nor cap.  So, I quickly bought sunglass and caps to me and my parents from the nearby beach side shop there.

Selfie with my parents along the beach side


My parents and I, stood on the seashore looking at the beautiful view around; the beach surrounded by coconut plantations while the waves gently drenched the sand, those small boats that anchored far out in the sea.  A glimpse of the colorful parachute that stringed for the parasailing venture on one of the boat which had just sailed from the shore, the tourists walking and running past us to jump those waves and those shells sprinkled all over the golden sand.  Looking at all of those together was a peaceful retreat.

Me at the Quartered Flag


As the sun scorched our bodies, I got my jeans rolled up to my knee and walked into the water.  Looking at many people playing water sports there, I also wanted to go on some motor boat rides.

Multi seater Motor Boat and the boat crew


I quickly enquired about the pricing for a short motor boat ride and then got my life jacket on and was ready to board the multi seater motor boat.

My dad grumpily said, don’t do your toofani acts while on the boat !!! I quickly got into the boat and rushed to the 1st row seat and started clicking pictures and shot some short videos of the ride.

As soon I got into the boat


As the boat speedily jumped over a huge wave and the salty water splashed over my face, I thought I made a good decision sitting at the first row just behind the foredeck.  At a point I just stood in the boat looking at the vast blue sea which had lot many small boats anchored in the territorial waters. The boat returned back to the shore and I got down with all the excitement and joy.

One from the foredeck



With co-travelers in the boat


While I walked past a Yamaha Motor Boat, my dad said, you wanna go for yet another boat ride !! I just said yes and got on that motor boat for another short ride. This short ride on the 2 seater motor boat was fun and crazy too.

Yamaha Motor Boat Ride


Post both boat rides, my mom came to me and said; Get 2 more tickets for the next boat ride, I also want to go on that multi seater boat ride. She said that with the mixture of fear and joy.  Looking at her energy and excitement level, I quickly got 2 more tickets for the next boat ride and both my mom and I were ready wearing that life jacket.

As we got into the boat, my mom was very excited for her first motor boat ride.  I told her not to be feared, just enjoy this boat ride.  I was happy to see her joyous smile. She was happy for her first adventure of this kind. This ride was a bit more longer than the previous one I went.

My mom on the motor boat ride


It was 4.30pm by the time we wrapped up and bid good bye to the beach. Enroute back to the temple we stayed, my parents wanted to visit the original Ramnath Temple at Lotliem, so I requested Remy sir to drive us there before we head back to the temple dormitory in Ponda.

At original Ramnath Temple


Inside of the temple


Every year during Dussehra, we visit to Goa and from past a couple of years we are trying to cover different places during every other of our visit to this beach state and its every year we hire cab from Remy Sir.

Thank You Remi Sir for making our Goa trip memorable

If you are traveling to Goa along with your family or friends and looking for taxi or cab services for Goa sight seeing;

Please feel free to contact Mr. Remi Fernandes at +91 78752 24740


“At the Beach, life is different, time doesn’t move hour to hour; it rather moves mood to memories. We live by the tidal currents and follow the sun” – Anonymous

Keep travelling, stay safe !!!!

Until next time.



Gokool Kini

(Soul Warrior)

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