Day Ride to Hogenakkal Falls – Memories from June’2016

Unplanned road trips are the best. This statement is always true.  Over the Friday night party, we planned to go on a road trip.

Over the Friday night’s party, we; Anil BJ, Anil Pujar, Raju Chippalakatti and I planned for a road trip and the place chosen was the very famous Hogennakkal Falls.  It is approximate 140kms away from Bangalore.

Date: 18th June 2016
Number of People: 4 (Anil BJ, Anil Pujar, Raju Chippalakatti and I, Gokool)
Bikes: 2 (Bajaj Avenger and Suzuki Gixxer)

Route Map
The Route: Bangalore – Attibele – Hosur – Denkanikottai – Anchetty – Hogenakkal Falls

We started a bit late around 10 am and caught up in the usual Bangalore traffic.  We quickly zipped through the Electronic City Flyover making our way on the Hosur Highway.  A quick stopover for chai just after taking the service road at Attibele and took the village route.  We quickly crossed the border check-post and the mighty TVS Motors Factory at Hosur and few miles down the line we entered the forest stretch.

Enroute to Hogennakal Falls2
Anil Pujar and Raju Chippalakatti en route to Hogennakal Falls

The riding trail through those curvy roads surrounded by greenery all around and the drizzling rain droplets made the ride even merrier.

Enroute to Hogennakal Falls
Enroute to Hogennakal Falls


Enroute to Hogennakal Falls1
Me, Raju, Anil Pujar and Anil BJ


Enroute to Hogennakal Falls3
Somewhere in the Forest Stretch en route to Hogennakal Falls

We reached Hogennakkal falls at around 1.30pm, somehow managed to find a parking space for our bikes.  You will be surrounded by many local tour guides asking for business.  But we didn’t pay much heed and walked our way down to the waterfall area.

Hogennakal Falls2
Enroute the Main View Point

We made our way to the hanging bridge and beyond a certain point; tourists were not allowed to walk.  The view was blissful as the white water cascaded down a series of rocks.  A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal.  It was spectacular to watch as the water flown beneath the hanging bridge and joining the water bed and streaming through the river.

Hogennakal Falls1
The view of the falls as seen from the Hanging Bridge

“Water is the most perfect traveler because when it travels, it becomes the path itself!” – A perfect quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan

Hogennakal Falls
The view of the falls and the bathing area as seen from the Hanging Bridge


Hanging Bridge_Hogennakal Falls1
That’s me at the Hanging Bridge


Hanging Bridge_Hogennakal Falls
At the Hanging Bridge


Hogennakal Falls3
The falls joining the waterbed

The most common things to do here at Hogennakkal are the body massage followed by a bath in the waterfall, the yummy delicious river fish and the Coracle Boat Ride.

I got myself an oil massage and got into the waterfalls.  My toes flinched as I stepped my feet into the cold water and my mind faded into dullness and everything looked like a foggy illusion.  I felt very relaxed.  After a nice bath in the waterfalls, we walked back and packed all our things and rushed to a nearby hotel to fill our tummy with the delicious river fish.

The time was 5.30pm and the only thing we missed doing this time at Hogennakkal was the Coracle Boat Ride as it has time restrictions as said by one of a Coracle Boatman.  He said the boat ride would be closed at around 6 pm.

I could recall the memories of the Coracle Boat ride that I went with my parents during our visit to Hogennakal falls while we did South Indian Trip way back in 2004.

We decided to head back to Bangalore.  Taking ample breaks for tea and some fruit juices, we road back safely to Bangalore and reached home by 9.30pm.

Returning Back from Hogennakal Falls
At a small hairpin curve


Returning Back from Hogennakal Falls1
Thank You, folks, for the Amazing Travel Memory

Anil BJ made a small video of the trip: Click here

This was the story of our day Ride to Hogennakal Falls, thanks a lot Bhailog for an amazing travel memory.  Thanks to Google for its Timeline feature as it helped me recall the memories of this trip.

Photo and Video Credits: Anil BJ

Stay safe and keep traveling!!!

Until next time…

Gokool Kini
(Soul Warrior)
#LiveFreeRideHard #TravelBeyondImagination
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